Damien François was born in 1979 in Reims, France. Awarded of a B.A. diploma in 2010 from the School of Design in Denmark – Center for the Glass and the Ceramic – Bornholm, the artist is going to perfect his knowledge of the material between 2010 and 2015 in prestigious glass studios in Denmark, France, Norway, Germany and in United States. The project of the artist is ambitious : consider the glass as the support (medium) of its spirit in the same way as the oil for the painter or the bronze for the sculptor, to reveal to the world the essence of this material, which drives and passionate him.

To do this, it was necessary to unravel the mysteries of this particular material, made from sand. Studying glass is for Damien François, to share his Life, it is also to apprehend it from its causes : to know its constituents, to understand its reactions according to the constraints exercised, to analyze its mood swings, finally to master its technique of manufacture so delicate. Having the knowledge of the physical and sensitive properties of the material was the indispensable step to allow the artist not to eliminate them, but to be able to “abstract” them, in order to gain access to its Nature.

The material «tamed», it remained to the artist to reveal its essence, its beauty, by including the strength of his mind. From this association will be created a whole series of abstract compositions and irrational forms, within which Damien François will coexist such Janus, from the games of matter and colors, the opposites that animate him.

Christophe Mottet