By exposing an unfamiliar side of the characteristics of glass, my artwork aims to approach issues of perplexity and uncertainty, I’m driven primarily by material experimentation with glass, based on the exploration and exploitation of its multitude of possibilities. This means a continual process of trial and error.


Several bodies of work, informed and influenced by each other, compose my investigations; they together operate on the fragile border between applied art and fine art. By using centuries of glass making traditions I endeavor to express my own perspective within a contemporary context. I am investigating what can be familiar yet remain foreign at the same time.


This investigation is a deep exploration of working with, and not just using, the material glass. It works with and questions the nature of the material, or whether one considers the chemical components that comprise the glass to be glass itself.

News & Upcoming


• My workshop is now installed, I’m based near Aix-les-Bains, in the Bauges, between Lyon and Geneva.

• (Im)Perfectionists in Glass Quaterly, N°138, Urban Glass, N.Y., USA.

• Artist portrait in “La revue de la céramique & du Verre, N°201, P.44, France.

• Artist portrait in Neuesglas-Newglass: art & architecture, N°1/2015, P.8, Koeln, Germany.

• Artist portrait in Verre & Création, N°77, P.5, Sars-Poteries, France.


• From 6th to 8th of October 2017, Biennal, Museum Glass Art Center, Carmaux, France.

• From 14th to 15th of August 2017, rencontres 12-21, galerie Mottet & galerie Hébert à l’abbaye de Saint Eusèbe, Lubéron, France.

• From 20th of May to 1st of July 2017, Solo Exhibition Gallery Mottet, Chambéry, France.


Born in Reims, France


• BA, The Danish Design School, Center for Glass and Ceramics, Bornholm, Denmark

• Summer class By Mark Zirpel & Ben Wright, Pilchuck glass school, Stanwood, USA

• Engelshom Højskole, College, Department of Glass and Ceramic, Bredsten, Denmark

• Master in Science, Technology and Health, Joseph Fourier University, France

Other Experience

• Assistant for Jaime Hayon & Corning, Domaine Boisbuchet, France
• Creation of my own workshop, Trévignin, Savoie, France

• Assistant for Josh Owen & Corning, Domaine Boisbuchet, France
• Teacher at the Royal Glass Factory, EGE project, La Granja, Segovia, Spain

• Construction of a workshop for Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, Presteigne, Wales
• Assistant for Paul Haig + Glasslab, Domaine Boisbuchet, France

• Manager of S12 glass workshop, Gallery & Studio S12, Bergen, Norway
• Assistant for Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg, Paris, France

• Artist in residence, Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, CGCA fellowship, NJ, USA
• Artist in residence, Gallery & Studio S12, Bergen, Norway
• Manager of S12 glass workshop, Gallery & Studio S12, Bergen, Norway

• Member of the Glass Studio “Luftkraft glasstudie”, Copenhagen, Denmark
• Assistant for Andrew & Nanna Brown, Hundested, Denmark
• Assistant for Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg, Paris, France
• Project of glass lamps, with the designer David des Moutis, Paris, France
• Assistant for Xavier Le Normand, Paris, France

• Gaffer for Sigrùn Olöf Einarsdottir, Gler I Bervik Studio, Reykjavik, Iceland
• Teacher Assistant for Brynhildur Thorgeirsdóttir & James Harmon, Pilchuck glass school, Stanwood, USA

• Monitor / Technician in the Hot Shop, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, USA
• Assistant for Boyd Sugiki & Lisa Zerkowitz, Tacoma glass museum, Washington, USA
• Assistant for Ben Wright, Tacoma glass museum, Washington, USA
• Internship, Assistant for Chris Taylor,Rhode Island Design School, Providence, USA
• Assistant for Jacob Lungholt, Bornholm, Denmark

• Assistant to the European Glass Context 2008, Bornholm, Denmark
• Assistant for Christopher Ramsey, Glass Demo, Baltic Sea Glass, Denmark
• Assistant for Leif Møller Nielsen, Contemporary Glass Museum, Hot Shop, Ebeltoft, Denmark

• Assistant for Jacob Lungholt, Bredsten, Denmark

• Assistant for Regina & Norbert Kauffman, Glashagen Hütte, Glashagen, Germany


• Museum Glass Art Center, Biennal, Carmaux, France
• Gallery Mottet & Gallery Hebert, Rencontre 12-21, Lubéron, France
• Gallery Mottet, Solo Exhibition “Sculpture”, Chambéry, France

• Arte Diem, “Jeune céramique”, Saint Chamond, France
• Espace MJC Vaugelas, “De causes à effets”, Aix les bains, France
• Gallery Chappaz, “Peintures”, Trévignin, France
• Domaine de Sédières, “Les couleurs du verre” (1900-2016), Corrèze, France

• Révélations, Fine Craft & Creation fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France
• Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, “Trésors de Sable et de Feu”, Paris, France
• The Glass Factory, Solo Exhibition “Games of Matter”, Boda Glasbruk, Sweden
• Museo del Vetro, European Glass Experience, Murano, Venise, Italy
• Grønbechs Gård, Solo Exhibition “Games of Matter”, Hasle, Denmark

• Glassmuseet Ebeltoft, Solo Exhibition “Games of Matter”, Ebeltoft, Denmark
• Technological Museum of Glass, European Glass Experience, La Granja, Spain
• Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, “Glass Prize 2014”, Coburg, Germany
• h.Art, “Herefordshire Art week”, The workhouse gallery, Presteigne, Wales

• Gallery of Fine craft exhibition, “Creative Glass Center Alumni Biennial”, NJ, USA
• Gallery S12,” Composites: 3 views on glass” with Stine Bidstrup and Jeffrey Sarmiento, Bergen, Norway

• Museum for Arts and Crafts, “MKG-Messe kunst und handverk 2012″, Hamburg, Germany
• Gallery S12, “Patience”, Solo Exhibition, Bergen, Norway
• Talente, 64th International Trade Fair, Munich, Germany
• Holmegaard Glass Factory, “Af Ler og Sand”, Holmegaard, Denmark

• Gallery Groenbechs Gaard, “Homage to Bornholm”, Bornholm, Denmark
• Gallery S12, “Made by me”, Bergen, Norway

• Gallery Format, “Made by me”, Oslo, Norway
• Gallery Form / Design Center, “Made by me”, Malmø, Sweden
• Gallery Designer Zoo, “Made by me”, Copenhagen, Denmark
• Art Museum, “Made by me”, Bornholm, Denmark
• Masnedø Fort, Summer Exhibition, Vordingborg, Denmark
• Gallery Grønbechs Gård, “After Dark”, Hasle, Denmark

• Gallery S12, “A screw loose”, Bergen, Norway
• Gallery Grønbechs Gård, “Working together”, Hasle, Denmark

• Gallery Grønbechs Gård, “Coming home”, Hasle, Denmark

• Engelshom Højskole, Easter Exhibition, Bredsten, Denmark

• Engelshom Højskole, Summer Exhibition, Bredsten, Denmark

Publications & Catalogues

• Artist portrait in Neues glas – News glass: art & architecture, N°1-2015, P.8, Koeln, Germany
• “(Im)Perfectionists“ in Glass Quaterly, N°138, Urban Glass, N.Y., USA.
• Artist portrait in La Revue de la Céramique & du Verre, N°201, P.44, France

• Artist portrait in Verre & Création, N°77, P.5, Sars-Poteries, France
• Glasposten #4, P.4-5, Glasmuseets Venner, Contemporary Glass Museum, Ebeltoft, Denmark
• Article about my upcoming solo show “Games of Matter”, Glass Quaterly, Urban Glass, N.Y., USA
• Article Contemporary French Studio Glass from 1990’s to 2014, Glass is more!, Netherlands
• Catalogue Glass Prize 2014, Contemporary Glass, Coburg, Germany

• New Glass Review #34, Corning, acquisition Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris

• New Glass Review #33, The Corning Museum of Glass, New York, USA
• Talente exhibition catalogue, Munich, Germany

• New Glass Review #32, P.16, The Corning Museum of Glass, New York, USA

• Glasposten #3, P.4, Glasmuseets Venner, Contemporary Glass Museum, Ebeltoft, Denmark
• Catalogue Summer Exhibition 2010, P.16, Masnedø Fortet, Denmark

Awards & Grants

• Honourable mention, Emerging artist Glass Art Society, Seattle / Washington, USA

• Honourable mention, International competition TGK, Germany

• Talente Prize, Munich, Germany
• Honourable mention, International competition TGK, Germany

• Award from The Danish National Bank Jubilee Foundation, Denmark
• Müllers Fund, Advocate Henrik Storr-Hansen, Denmark

• Müllers Fund, Advocate Henrik Storr-Hansen, Denmark
• Lino Tagliepietra Scholarship Award, Pilchuck Glass School, USA

• Müllers Fund, Advocate Henrik Storr-Hansen, Denmark


• Museum del Vetro, Murano, Venise, Italy
• Museum of American glass, Millville, N.J., USA
• Museum des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
• Private collections, France
• Private collection, Graz, Austria
• Private collections, Bergen, Norway


Trévignin, Massif des Bauges, Savoie – 73100.
( 10 min – Motorway A41 – Exit 14 – Aix les Bains Nord )

(+33) 06 49 60 89 16


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The viewpoint of Thomas Golsenne, Visual Art History Professor, Villa Arson, Nice
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The international dimension of recent acquisitions
"I love Nick Cave" /

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Artist portrait
(Im)Perfectionists /

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Four emerging artists deconstruct the material in search of new languages of expression - Anjali Srinivasan, Anna Mlasowsky, Brett Swenson, Damien François
Faiseur d'art /

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Artist portrait
L'échantillonneur /

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Artist portrait
Games of Matter /

Glassmuseet Ebeltoft, Ebeltoft, Denmark. 2014

Presentation of my solo exhibition "Games of Matter"
Upcoming solo show "Games of Matter" at the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft /

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Included in the article